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Disneyland 2014. What is new for 2014

This year will see the opening of a brand new ride called Ratatouille the Ride.

Disneyland Paris has described the ride: "This world-first attraction will shrink guests to the size of a rat & plunge them into the heart of a particularly excited parisian kitchen."

The Ratatouille ride will use the same trackless, local-positioning guidance system as Mystic Manor and Tokyo Disneyland's Winnie the Pooh ride. (It's also similar to the system used on SeaWorld Orlando's Antarctica ride.) The kitchen chase theme provides plenty of opportunity for the variety of visual gags and effects that made Mystic Manor so wildly popular. And Remy, like Mystic Manor's Albert the monkey, is another lovable-looking animal protagonist who just can't help but get himself in trouble, making for great conflict opportunities in the ride.