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Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe store

Welcoming to a Rainforest adventure. Get your friendly characters that populate the Rainforest restaurant like Nile the crocodile. Be entranced by the overwhelming atmosphere, discover life-size snakes hanging from the canopy’s branches and hear Tracy Tree telling stories about the world’s rain forests.

There is a variety of animal character soft toys for all ages, including our well renowned character, Cha!Cha!, the red eyed tree frog. We also stock a wide range of plush toys – from chimpanzees to lions, tigers and leopards.

Plus, if you are a Beanie-Babies or Buddies fan, you will be happy to know that as an authorised TY retailer we have their latest releases. Perhaps you could find that long sought after Beanie Baby to complete your collection.

The popular Animal Hood are suitable for children of ages 3 to 103.

Or go for a classic children’s favourite the Animal Backpack. Available as a Rhino and Orangu-tangs.

Come in and look around!