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Space Mountain: Mission 2

Your launch pad: Space Mountain: Mission 2, the most ambitious space adventure ever.

Disneyland paris - Space mountain mission 2

Your pre-flight brief: forget everything you know… or think you know. Ditch those tired old ideas and get ready to live without limits.

5-4-3-2-1…blast off!

You take off and, without warning the G-force crushes you deep into your seat. You’re powerless. A wave of vibrations rip through your entire body. You hear the roar of the rockets, but the sound of your heart hammering is even louder.

You try and resist the temptation, but you open your eyes anyway – just in time, too… because in a matter of seconds, you’ve just overshot the moon, and left it for lunar dust.

Piercing through the starry crust of our galaxy at blinding speed, you hurtle past a brightly coloured nebula, like a space maverick on a high-speed, hard-curving, intergalactic trek to un-chartered frontiers.

Suddenly, without warning, all is calm. Your whole body drifts into the eerie weightlessness of zero gravity, a sensation you have to feel to believe.
Then wham! Your rocket is knocked off course as you power-slide through the frozen head of a comet. Now you’re out of control, heading for mega trouble of the explosive kind. By the way, which way is up?

And just when you thought it was safe to take a breath, the action cranks up. Kaboom! A fiery supernova explodes, blowing your mind (and your spacecraft off track). Welcome to the edge of the universe, Exploronaut.

Back on earth, you might want to lighten your grip on the Exploronaut next to you – after all, the ride’s over. Mission accomplished? Only you can live 2 tell. But one thing is for sure: after Mission 2, something is different. Something has evolved and changed forever…you.