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Crush’s Coaster

Feel the rush with Nemo and Squirt

Disneyland Paris - Crush's Coaster

Hang loose with Nemo and Squirt on the new rip-roaring ride, Crush’s Coaster®*, inspired by Disney•Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

Get ready to plunge into the underwater world of Nemo and Squirt. A world full of adventure, fun and hidden “dangers”… oh yes, and a few thousand fish.

Here, you’ll “sea” life a little differently as you twist and turn over colourful coral reefs with Squirt, Nemo and friends. But don’t close your eyes… or you’ll miss the fun as you dive straight down into the inky darkness of the deep to explore a sunken submarine nestling in an underwater minefield. Watch out – you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to avoid coming face-to-face with Bruce, the vegetarian shark and his snapping mates. But what’s there to worry about? Just remember fish are friends, not food. But hang on, you’re not fish, are you?

Then, if you thought escaping the sharks was a white-knuckle ride, prepare yourself for the rush: spinning and twisting along with the powerful Eastern Australian current, where even the coolest dudes have to screeeeeeeeam! So hang ten (and hang on) for the ride of your life!